A downloadable game for Windows

As the proprietor of your own kennel, it's your job to breed and sell dogs to the local pet store. Make sure to keep your dogs fed and happy, while maintaining your profits! 

This casual idle clicker includes:

       ✿ A range of upgrades to take your business efficiency to the next level!

       ✿ A range of unique evolution stages to unlock 

       ✿ Ethical dilemmas

       ✿ Cute art!!!

Made by Pop Pop Boat in 2020

Programmed by @seasaltcwackers   ||    Art by @cheeseghostie and Caroline Tompkins

*Please note this was made over a short period of time for a university project! Hence some missing components, sorry!!

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(45 total ratings)
Tags2D, Animals, Clicker, Cute, Dark Humor, Dogs, GameMaker, Idle

Install instructions

Please unzip the file and run the .exe

♡ Have fun and thanks for the support! ♡


RuffTimes.zip 32 MB


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How do I get on the game??



Hi Fairybear15! Thanks for answering my question! Also does it work on an apple ipad?

how to download???

click the download button on your browser, it should be under the text that says "Download"

I am confused how to i play it now i downloaded it not sure what to do next. Please help me.

have you extracted the files? i recommend (after downloading the files) to extract it if its a .zip file!

Lol, that escalated quickly. :D

How come i cant play also i play on a chromebook.

Does it run on Windows? If not then this game isn't supported for Apple OS

This progressed quickly from "Oh these are cute dogs" to "huh weird bigger eyes on this one" to "OH GOD they're coming in too fast!" to "OH GOD WHAT?!"

to "NONONO WHY ARE THEY DYING SO MUCH AAAAAAA" or was that just LaurenZSide? idk


Very elegant use of mechanics to deliver a message.

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this gave me nightmares this gave me dreams of becoming a hemit i mean... (hehe) Edit: *hermir Edit: hirtr Edit: *hermilt Edit: AHHHHHHH post this on r/ihadastroke i wanna be a meme

(2 edits)


i luv rediredlrgeds


Mac user whom desperately wants to play :(

how do i join

Truly one of the most disturbing games I've ever played. Amazing, I would recommend this 1000 times over.


please make a non-zip version since my WinZip free trial expired

You can unzip in Windows without WinZip. The native operating system can do that. Or just use 7Zip.


I'll take DDLC as an example, so. I've downloaded the .zip file when you get into it try to run it windows will be like " it's recommended if you extract the files since it could run on the files" click "Extract All"


you don't have to have a extracting program to extract files



wait how do I start the game


It's funny :)


How do you play? 


im so so so so sorry i tried so hard they were so slow and there were a few casualties.. i fed them so muchhhhh


The lvl 9 dog is HECK'N S A N S


just cuz its a skeleboi doesnt mean  its sans


bony boy best boy



why ;-;


everything goes wrong

Ofc it dose

yeah! it's supposed to


I didn't play that game myself because i have a mac but iv'e watched it and i was shocked i never knew this tip of issue because i've never informed myself about that. I like your game it gives a message and draws attention and introduce people like me big issues which we never really knew before.


Loved this game, it was a lot of fun and had a good impact. :)


my therapist gonna hear about this






good game

please but thats a little funny



I rly wanna play this but I have a mac :(  In the future, could we get the mac version? ^0^

i downloaded this on my windows and its quite good, but i suggest it to have more platforms! :)

The level 8 dog...  

Oh my god... Oh my fucking god...



i don't think im gonna sleep now.


i dont feel good


super cool and creepy! i love playing horror games, so this was extremely fun! 


hahaha couldn't even go further than level 8 without closing the game out of complete guilt. Absolutely well done. I see the comments talking about the level 9 dog and on the one hand I wonder what it looks like, on the other I don't have it in me to inflict it on those poor dogs nor on myself.

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how come i had to urn off my pc to leave the game Esc never worked


If you're on a windows computer use the windows key and it should close it and then you can click on it in the toolbar again

(2 edits) (+2)

thank you for helping me i will trythis is pangolin of thanks and peace                                                                                                 

emm it didnt work
(1 edit)

Oh >w< dang.. well it worked for me

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this was the worst game about dogs I've played for all the right reasons. it just made me... so uncomfortable. pretty quickly in, i knew what this game was gonna be about, but i kept playing and it made me feel so... guilty. i did this to these poor dogs. even if you drew the horse to water, the horse is the one who drinks. and god did i want to spit it out.

10/10. i would never recommend this to a friend for the same reasons it's so impactful.

edit: this is supposed to be a nice comment about how the game's messages affected me but im mentally ill so im really sorry if this is  mean


Any other idle/clicker games like Ruff Times, where it has dark themes but longer than Ruff Times? Enjoyed the horror aspect of a simple, cutesy clicker game. Been searching for one and I haven't found any, like a game that makes you question what your doing not just "serial killer idle"

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